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Two Point County News
Interior Design, The Squabbler & Eternal Life? 10th January 2019
Two Point Hospital Logo

Harry Puttock

There is so much to look forward to in 2019 and Harry was kind enough to give us a little teaser.

Been wanting modding support for Two Point Hospital? It was always said to come post launch but when!? Soon! How soon? Just 'soon' said Harry. He implied much is planned for the Steam Workshop, but the first modding for us to enjoy will be the “Interior Designer”. We will be able to create our own pictures, paintings, canvases, rugs, walls and floors! We can't wait to see all the custom décor in hospitals across Two Point County. More information for all-things-online, and something collaborative, will be shared soon.

The Two Point Squabbler has always been the place for all your local news. The popular Two Point County newspaper, famed for always giving 'two points of view, on all subjects', is said to be releasing an ‘online edition’, later this year. Remember Pontians, 'you decide what's true.'

The last bit of news Harry shared was the most intriguing of all.

"There’s word in Two Point County that an eccentric millionaire has set his sights on immortality in an attempt to circumvent, well... mortality. Could this be the death of healthcare as we know it?"
Harry Puttock

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Best Comedy Game 12th December 2018

Many voted for Two Point Hospital in the recent GameDebate's Global Game Awards 2018, so many in fact, that Two Point Hospital won the Best Comedy award.

Well done and congratulations to everybody at Two Point Studios.

"Gosh - We won an award!"
Two Point Hospital Twitter
Bigfoot DLC Released 5th December 2018
Two Point Hospital Live Stream

Two Point Hospital Live Stream

At 3pm today brand new DLC was released for Two Point Hospital. It's called Bigfoot and unlocks a whole new region of Two Point County. There are new hospitals, illnesses, rooms and loads of new items! Be sure to check out our fully loaded article all about the new Bigfoot DLC.

Check out the announcement tweet from Two Point Hospital. A DLC stream was also mentioned in a tweet.

At 4pm Two Point Hospital streamed lived with the Queen of Two Point County Blarla. She was joined by Lauran Carter (SEGA Community Manager) and together they took us through the new DLC and the new Update v1.09 released the same day!

Blarla also interviewed many devs from Two Point Studios during the stream, it is definitely one to watch!

Mysterious Announcement 4th December 2018

Today, Two Point Hospital twitter account posted a rather mysterious image. A footprint in the snow with the date 5th December displayed, just below a new Two Point Hospital logo. It is fair to assume that whatever it is, it will be released during the 5th December (tomorrow).

What are they announcing? What do you think this image means? What will be released? Why not tweet us your thoughts at @twopointwiki? We would love to hear from you!

See the official Two Point Hospital tweet HERE.

Sandbox: Freeplay LIVE NOW! 29th October 2018
Two Point Hospital - Sandbox Freeplay! Official trailer ESRB

Two Point Hospital - Sandbox Freeplay! Official trailer ESRB

Sandbox: Freeplay has been migrated from the beta branch and is now available to all! This update not only includes the sandbox mode, but also a new main game feature and various bug fixes and tweaks. If you would like to know more about the specifics on the update, please visit out v1.08 Patches page.

Read the official Two Point Hospital thread HERE.

TwitchCon 2018 28th October 2018

Two Point Hospital attended TwitchCon this year in San Jose.

Lauran (SEGA Community Manager) and Craig (SEGA Brand Manager) had regular streams from the event, had influencer guests and gave out an EXCLUSIVE in-game DLC item for FREE!

Elsewhere the amazing Marc Silk (Voice Actor) and Ben Hymers (Co-Founder) were picking up the Golden Joystick, PC Game of the Year nomination, during an interview with GamesRadar. It was fun to watch Marc Silk spoil us with his many voices from Two Point Hospital.

For all the deets, pictures and videos, read the Full story...

Sandbox: Freeplay On Beta Branch NOW! 26th October 2018
Two Point Hospital - Sandbox Freeplay! Official trailer ESRB

Two Point Hospital - Sandbox Freeplay! Official trailer ESRB


'It’s Two Point Hospital your way'. This feature will unlock when the first 3 levels of the game has been played. At which point you will be able to play any of the 15 hospitals in a full sandbox mode.

Features include, but are not limited to: Unlimited cash, Kudosh, unlock every room, item and upgrade. Set your own challenges, objectives, temperature and patient flow. Turn off epidemics, rename entire hospitals! And let's not forget the copy and paste rooms update or the customisation update! Select uniforms, and name your rooms and staff whatever you please.

We will be sure to keep you up to date with the latest developments on the wiki! Read the official Two Point Hospital post HERE. Learn about getting NOW via Beta Branch HERE.

"You asked for it, we’re prescribing it…"
Two Point Hospital Twitter
Spooooooky Mode 23rd October 2018
Spooooooky Mode

Two Point Studios has given us a Halloween Spooky Mode Surprise this holiday. Check out the latest update, with new music, item changes and even a spooky change to a well known illness, introducing Frightheadedness. Enjoy all the spooky surprises, QUICK, before Halloween is over.

"Something spook-tacular has happened to #TwoPointHospital! Don't be a basic witch, download our most recent Spooky Mode patch and get in the #Halloween spirit! "
Two Point Hospital Twitter

Full Update Notes...

"Top-secret" Announcement At TwitchCon 19th October 2018

'Two Point Hospital has got plenty of more tricks up its sleeve, it would seem! SEGA has just announced its TwitchCon 2018 lineup, and not only is Two Point Hospital up there, but the developers, Two Point Studios, also have something special to showcase.' - GameWatcher

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VOTE NOW! Golden Joystick Nomination 17th October 2018
Two Point Hospital - Olympic Gold

Two Point Hospital - Olympic Gold

Two Point Hospital are up for a Golden Joystick Award and they need your help to win it. Your vote could make all the difference. You have until 5pm Thursday 25th October. So please, please, VOTE NOW

"If you haven't voted already, we'd love it if you could throw us a bit of love. Lots of love back from Two Point Studios "
Two Point Hospital Twitter
Tips For Duckworth 26th September 2018

This week's live stream was a little different. This new segment is all about giving tips, tricks and hints for getting stars on hospitals and during this surgery I was giving tips on how to get 3 Stars on Duckworth-upon-Bilge. The full story lists all the tips and has a link to the video!

"We will be live on at 5pm BST with a VERY special guest - Queen of #TwoPointCounty, @Blarla!"
Two Point Hospital Twitter

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EGX & Community Meetup 24th September 2018

Between the 20th and 23rd of September at the NEC in Birmingham, EGX 2018 was held and Two Point Hospital were there for the festivities. On the 21st a group of Two Point Studio developers and the SEGA Community Manager were there to attend the stand, meet the fans, talk about the game and greet as many as possible.

Check out the video 'EGX-tra Fun Times with Rich & Lauran' where they answer questions sent in by the fans.

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Pre-Recorded Livestream 19th September 2018
Two Point Hospital Live Stream-2

Two Point Hospital Live Stream-2

This week, Craig (SEGA Marketing Manager) was just beginning a holiday in Hong Kong and so wasn't available for the usual Live Stream Dream Team get together, leaving Lauran (SEGA Community Manager) all alone.

It was decided to finally pull out the 'Emergency' pre-recorded live stream that was filmed back on the 7th August 2018, which was pre-release!

Full story...

Pasters Gonna Paste 12th September 2018

The Live Stream Dream Team were back today with some exciting news! Lauran (SEGA Community Manager) and Craig (SEGA Brand Manager) did their usual Wednesday live stream between 5-6pm BST on the SEGA Twitch channel. Only this time they had something to tell us.

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LAUNCH DAY 30th August 2018

Launch Day for Two Point Hospital finally arrived and what a ride it was. If you missed any of the festivities of the day, then you have come to the right place. So much happened! Let's get stuck in.

The whole Scrub community was brought together, during launch day, via an all day long, SEGA stream with Lauran (Community Manager) and Craig (Brand Manager) with a large portion being joined by myself, Blarla (Content Creator).

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THE DAY BEFORE LAUNCH! 29th August 2018

THE DAY BEFORE LAUNCH stream was a back to basics in hospital building to help bring new peeps onboard with what is game was all about. It was full of the usual comradery that we have come to adore. A highly recommend watch.

Full story...

Gamescom Roundup 25th August 2018

Gamescom was held in Cologne recently and the awesome peeps at Two Point Studios jetted over to the event to promote 2018's sickest game.

Mark Smart (Art Director) and Chris Knott (Lead Animator) were accompanied by the lovely Lauran Carter (SEGA Community Manager) for a few days of interviews and streams.

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Melt Downs Live Stream 22nd August 2018
GetStormy Melt Downs
Official Two Point Hospital Live Stream 5 - NEWS, ODD LIMERICKS and SHOCKERS IN MELT DOWNS!

Official Two Point Hospital Live Stream 5 - NEWS, ODD LIMERICKS and SHOCKERS IN MELT DOWNS!

In this weeks stream we covered a new industrial hospital, Melt Downs. A new disaster was seen, Electrical Storms. Plus we finally got to see the Café and the Shock Clinic being built.

Blarla will often tune in
Peeping at my gameplay sins
But I’m not on her wiki
So I’m gonna be sickie
Right in the hospital bin.
-- Craig Limerick #2
"You are in for a prime poop."
― Craig

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Games TM Magazine 17th August 2018

In this months Games TM Magazine, Two Point Hospital had a 6 page spread, 6!

If you haven't purchased it yet, I recommend you do, it was a great read, with great images. My only complaint is Ben Huskins (Lead Designer) name was wrong again. I still have no clue who Ben Hoskins is.

That said it was a great interview with Ben Hymers (Technical Director & Co-Founder) and Mark Smart (Art Director). Whoever wrote the article, (I did try to find out their name), clearly loved the game, which is the best part.

Full story...

Smogley Live Stream 16th August 2018

Lauran (SEGA Community Manager) and Craig (SEGA Marketing Manager) where back on the SEGA Twitch channel for another hour and another hospital. This time we were treated to an industrial zone hospital, (this is starting to sound like The Crystal Maze), by the name of Smogley.

Full story...

Sweaty Palms Live Stream 9th August 2018

Did everyone catch the live stream over at SEGA Twitch channel? I hope so, because we were treated to another new hospital.

Lauran (Community Manager) and Craig (Marketing Manager) were back but this time they brought two Peeps from Cedar Studios with them, Tom and Phil.

Full story...

Tumble Live Stream 2nd August 2018
Two Point Hospital Live Stream - An hour in Tumble with Craig and Chris!

Two Point Hospital Live Stream - An hour in Tumble with Craig and Chris!

Yesterday was Wednesday, which means there was another Two Point Hospital live stream!

"Welcome to the darkest timeline, where residents of Tumble who are suffering from broken bones are confronted with skeletons in cases. #SickAndWrong"
Two Point Hospital Twitter

Full story...

RELEASE DATE! 18th July 2018

Not only has it been announced that Two Point Hospital will be out on the 30th August, but we also discovered it will be available on Windows, Mac OS X and Steam OS + Linux.

Full story...

Big Announcement & SEGA Trip 17th July 2018

All kinds happened. I visited SEGA for a UK Two Point Hospital press event where I actually got to play the game! A big announcement is coming AND Lauran (Community Manager) and Craig (Marketing Manager) plan to stream Two Point Hospital LIVE on Twitch!

Around 3pm they will be announcing something big! That we should all prepare ourselves for the important news and it is not one to miss.


They included this GIF with their tweet referring to it as ELECTRIFYING news!

Full story...

Best Strategy Game WINNER! 5th July 2018

What amazing news that our beloved Two Point Hospital is picking up awards already and we haven't even got to play it yet!

At the end of June (30th) Two Point Hospital was nominated for the Best Strategy Game in the Best of E3 Game Critics Awards.

"We are MADE UP to have won Best Strategy Game at #E32018 from @GamingTrend! What an honour!"
Two Point Hospital Twitter

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Mitton University 3rd July 2018

During the E3 event we were shown lots of new gameplay of Two Point Hospital and even spotted a couple of new hospitals we have never seen before! It was extremely exciting to see more of the game that none of us can wait to get our 'mitts' on.

Full story...

E3 Roundup 21st June 2018

Two Point left their mark on E3 this year with interviews, new gameplay footage and even the winner reveal of the 'Name This Illness' competition.

There was much to follow on various platforms it has been tricky to follow it all. So here is my roundup for all things Two Point Hospital at this years E3 event that I could pull together.

Full story...

Name This Illness 30th May 2018

Today Two Point Hospital announced a 'Name This Illness' competition via Twitter.

They have a clown problem in Two Point County and while they have been named other things in the past, such as Clown Complex, a final name has never been settled upon. That is where YOU come in.

Full story...

First Press Hands On Previews 9th May 2018
"In case you weren't aware, over the last few weeks we have been sharing our little bundle of video game joy with a few members of the press. Today the embargoes lifted on the hands on previews and we have seen an influx of joyous articles hit the internet!"
―Lauran Carter

Full story...

EVENT EGX Rezzed 2018 18th April 2018

During this years EGX Rezzed, Two Point Hospital held a live presentation on the Developer Stage. It gave us new content on the game, more insight on what to expect from the title and an amusing announcement of the EXCLUSIVE and FREE in-game item that all Hospital Pass members will be eligible for on launch.

Full story...

PC Gamer Magazine 7th April 2018

Time to buy a new magazine. Get out there and grab yourself a copy of PC Gamer today!

It is a gorgeous four page spread with some exciting new screenshots of Two Point Hospital. And an exclusive Two Point Studios interview where Gary Carr and Ben Huskins talk about Dick Mayonnaise and Toast of London.

"We were going to do a serious hospital sim. That was the plan originally."
Gary Carr

Full story...

Going To Rezzed 23rd March 2018

Two Point Studios will be at Rezzed this year showing off this years sickest game. Who will be there!? I will be.

The Two Point Peeps will be on the Developer Stage with the devs behind the Theme Hospital spiritual successor who will be talking about “Building a game with personality”. You're gonna feel pretty sick if you miss out!

Full story...

EDGE Magazine 1st March 2018

Inside the new edition of EDGE Magazine is an interview with Two Point Studios Gary Carr, Ben Hymers & Ben Huskins.

We get to see images of new rooms, such as a new Café and even never before mentioned illnesses! For additional giggles, Ben Huskins is referred to as Ben Hoskins throughout.

It also has a great article about our friends over Rare and their latest title, Sea Of Thieves!

Buy It Here!

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EVENT PC Gamer Weekender 2018 17th February 2018

Last weekend Two Point Studios attended the PC Gamer Weekender to reveal the World Exclusive of Two Point Hospital gameplay, and what the event it was. So much news, pictures, footage and information came from this amazing weekend.

Full story...

PC Gamer Weekender 2018 13th February 2018

It was announced last month that Two Point will be attending the PC Gamer Weekender on the 17th February to reveal World Exclusive gameplay of Two Point Hospital. Well, good news Scrubs because PC Gamer have finally released the schedule of the developer stage talk and reveal news.

Full story...

Steam & Community FAQ 1st February 2018

Two Point Hospital finally has a Steam store page and community hub! It is highly recommended you head over there now to add 2018's sickest game to your Steam wishlist.

"Who's behind Two Point Hospital? How will I be able to play it?! Find the answers you're looking for and MORE in our Community FAQ!."
Two Point Hospital Twitter

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Vision Trailer 22nd January 2018

If you are a Hospital Pass member then you have early access to exclusive videos, like the new one just released! The Development Vision Trailer goes into more detail about the game and what the team have been up to behind closed doors.

"Give it a watch, doctors orders!"
Two Point Hospital Twitter

Full story...

Hospital Pass 17th January 2018

What is a Hospital Pass? Lauran was kind enough to give us the low down in this less than 30 seconds video on Twitter. Sign Up NOW to Hospital Pass to gain all these benefits!

  • An exclusive, free in-game item at launch!
  • Exclusive promotions
  • Early access to trailers and exclusive videos
  • A regular health check newsletter!
"It won't hurt a bit, we promise! Sign up today and we might even let you leave!"
Official Two Point Hospital Website
Two Point Hospital Announced! 16th January 2018

It seems after 20 years we are finally getting a true spiritual successor to Theme Hospital. In a tweet posted on the brand new Twitter account, we were given links to the new Trailer, sneak peak pictures of the game and introduced to our first illness, Light Headedness. Now the lightbulb makes sense!

"Calling all Two Point County Residents - Two Point Hospital will open later this year! Build your hospital, Hire your staff, Try not to kill anyone."
Two Point Hospital

Full story...

SEGA Teaser 15th January 2018

This was tweeted by SEGA.

Two Point Studios Teaser 12th January 2018

This was tweeted by SEGA.

Two Point Studios Teaser 29th November 2017

Today Two Point Studios sent a very interesting tweet. It confirmed they will be announcing their first game on 16th January 2018. Below is what they said about the up coming game.

"Surprising, beautiful, elegant. Oh yeah, and fun!"
Two Point Studios
Featured Article


This room is unlocked during the tutorial level Hogsport and will require a Doctor to operate. The De-Lux Clinic is a Treatment Room dedicated to curing patients with Light Headed illness.

Once diagnosed with Light Headedness, patients make their way to this clinic. The patient sits in the chair of the De-Lux O-Luxe machine. The doctor, using the Console, operates a large claw (similar to claw machines found in arcades), to unscrew the bulb from the patients shoulders. Continue...

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